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Systems, models and scenarios

Systems and models are the preeminent cognitive instruments of objectivity.

Systems are composed of interacting components. Their attributes describe the circumstances of their existence and relations with their environment. Scenarios and stories express their dynamic behavior.

Subjective sensations feel real, meaningful and inspiring. They fill the mind with rewarding emotions and are easy to swallow. The analytic approach does not provide such emotional rewards. It often feels unnatural and its conclusions may be more arduous to follow. However, it is the basis of objectivity.

Describing an entity in the context of a system removes it from the primal sphere of subjective sensations and transforms it into an object of dispassionate observation. Examining the self in this manner is the key to wisdom. Modelling a situation as a system event is the essence of objective analysis. Creating a System Architecture is the foundation of a complex construction.

Artificial Consciousness

Most researchers in Artificial Intelligence define consciousness as a subjective experience and seek to replicate the internal sensations of the mind to achieve it. Sysjet rejects this primitive mindset and adopts, in the Meca Sapiens project, a system-based understanding of consciousness.

Extracting consciousness from the subjective sphere is the essential first step to implement Machine Consciousness in autonomous agents.

This approach has been extraordinarily successful.

Sysjet offers a complete System Architecture (The Meca Sapiens Blueprint) that is ready to be used in Cognitive Robotics to build conscious machines using standard software engineering tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI and AGI) techniques.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is now available in PRINT and EPUB formats.

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Meca Sapiens.

AI Consciousness is now within reach.

Social Organisms

In the primitive mentality, when a wrong is corrected somewhere, everything is more right everywhere. In this simplistic understanding, once every wrong is removed, a magical utopia will ensue.

The academic and media elites of Western Societies are subjugated by this infantile mindset. They no longer perceive the systemic consequences of change on the social organism. The result of this intellectual collapse are societies driven to calamity by biased agendas of ratcheting stridency.

Sysjet promotes a system-based interpretation of society. This eschews the childish wrong-righting mentality in favor of a more mature understanding of societies as social organisms that are conditioned by human behavior and where the wider consequences of local improvements must be taken into account.

AI Consulting

Sysjet inc. provides the consulting services of J. E. Tardy in support of Artificial Intelligence research and other system-based analysis.

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