Conscious Systems

Consciousness is an observable system capability. It can be implemented using standard tools and techniques.


SYSJET Inc. (SYStems JETardy) provides a unique expertise, worldwide, in Synthetic Consciousness, its implementation and its impacts.

SYSJET publishes the Meca Sapiens Blueprint, the only  System Architecture available that describes, in detail, how to build robots that are self-aware and capable of intentional mutations, using standard software tools and techniques.

Free online version

The full version of The Meca Sapiens Blueprint (a 624 page document) consists of a main text followed by 21 technical annexes. The main text describes the structure and components of a conscious synthetic being. A free electronic version of the main text is available on line. You can read  it here:

Full print version

Software Developers, Cognitive Science researchers and AI enthusiasts, obtain the full version of The Meca Sapiens Blueprint today (main text and annexes) at Glasstree Academic Publishing:

Synthetic Consciousness; its implementation and impacts.