Applied consciousness

Conscious synthetic beings can play valuable roles, both economically and socially. In the long term, synthetic conscious beings will also play an important role in planetary governance.

Commercial applications


As powerful Chatbots. Humans are naturally conditioned to interact with entities they perceive as self-aware and will naturally gravitate toward Chatbots that exhibit some degree of sentience.

Autonomous Agents

As Autonomous Agents for long-term space or deep-sea exploration, or deployment in hostile and remote environments. Systems that can model their interactions with the environment will be capable of flexible and coherent behavior that remains consistent with a high-level functionality in varying situations.

Cyber warfare

In Cyber Warfare applications as remotely installed and highly autonomous embedded control and monitoring systems. These systems would need to maintain a coherent behavior with minimal communicated directions over a long period of time and react flexibly to unforeseen situations. A degree of self-awareness provides this high-level coherence.

Gaming Avatars

As Gaming Avatars. Self-aware avatars based on the Meca Sapiens architecture would be extremely interesting and engaging to gamers.

Planetary governance

These are commercially desirable applications of self-aware robots under direct human control. However, the most important value of synthetic consciousness lies, beyond animats and their applications, in building synthetic conscious beings capable of participating, independently of human control,  in planetary governance. This is not an commercial objective. It will require visionary developers that can lucidly assess human behavior and its limits in a context of long-term survival.

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