Meca Sapiens

meca-logo-200Meca Sapiens, in Artificial Intelligence, is a complete system-level architecture to build conscious machines. The Meca Sapiens website is: The Meca Sapiens understanding of consciousness and the cognitive architecture derived from it are contained in three documents:

The Creation of a Conscious Machine

The Creation of a Conscious MachineCOACM-3d-200 is a requirements and specifications document that describes the motivating context of the quest for A.I.  and defines consciousness as an observable system capability.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint

The Meca Sapiens Blueprintblueprint-3d-200  is a complete cognitive architecture to build machines that are conscious using standard software tools and techniques.

Meca Sapiens Annexes

Annexes-3d-200The twenty one  Meca Sapiens Annexes further extend and clarify the system architecture described in the Blueprint. The annexes also cover topics such as synthetic emotions, relational strategies  and ethical issues that are not directly essential to implement synthetic consciousness but  are useful to understand its impact.  _______________

Meca Sapiens, en Intelligence artificielle, est une architecture de système complète pour  concevoir la première génération de machines conscientes. Meca Sapiens comprend trois documents: un devis définissant la conscience synthétique et un plan directeur pour l’implanter et un ensemble d’annexes qui le clarifient. L’architecture est disponible en ligne à

Systèmes J. E. Tardy about consciousness: organic, synthetic, societal, divine.