Meca Sapiens

Meca Sapiens is a complete System Architecture to implement Synthetic Consciousness. The architecture is based on an understanding of consciousness as an observable system capability and on the conjecture that, under certain conditions,  humans will perceive a computer as a mind.

The Meca Sapiens Architecture is described in two texts:

The Creation of a Conscious Machine

The Creation of a Conscious Machine corresponds to the Requirements and Specification document of the Meca Sapiens Architecture. It surveys the historical quest to achieve Artificial Intelligence and introduces a definition of consciousness that is expressed in terms of achievable specifications.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is a System Architecture to implement conscious machines. The Blueprint a 620 page document consisting of a 300 page main text followed by 21 technical annexes. It is complete and ready to be used to build robots that are self-aware capable of intentional mutations using standard software tools and techniques.

Synthetic Consciousness; its implementation and impacts.