The Meca Sapiens Blueprint

A Blueprint to build conscious machines

By: J E Tardy
Version:4.2 (extensively revised;  improved technical Annexes)
Type: print
Distribution: Glasstree Academic Publications
Size: 624 pages
Price: $119.82
Copyright © 2015 Jean E. Tardy.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Science and technology, Cognitive Architecture, Strong A.I., Software Engineering, Cognitive Science, Machine Consciousness, Synthetic Consciousness, Philosophy of Mind.

“More detailed than Kurzweil”…”A grounded implementation plan for machine consciousness.”…”I am impressed…”; “Truly an amazing work”…”This is serious AI”…

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint, is a System Architecture that provides a complete, step by step solution to transform autonomous agents into Self-aware Entities.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint proposes that consciousness is not a subjective experience but an observable system capability whose characteristics are self-awareness and intentional mutation. This objective understanding of consciousness has deep historical roots. It makes it possible to implement Artificial Consciousness today on conventional computers using available tools and techniques.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is the only cognitive architecture available that provides a complete solution to implement Synthetic Consciousness

Computer specific

The Meca Sapiens architecture is  AI specific in the sense that the mechanisms to implement  Synthetic Consciousness are based on computer specific structures, capabilities and techniques. It does not mimic or attempt to replicate the organization or functioning of the human brain.


The Meca Sapiens Architecture is complete.  Referring to Marr’s levels of analysis, the Blueprint provides a complete computational model of synthetic consciousness. All the major components, structures and interactions that are necessary to implement self-awareness and intentionality in a machine have been defined.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is more than a hypothetical framework, it is a complete and detailed System Architecture, ready for design and implementation.


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The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is a 624 page document consisting of a main text followed by 21 technical annexes. The main text is currently available online. Software Developers, Cognitive Science researchers and AI enthusiasts, will want to purchase the complete  Blueprint (main text and annexes) from Glasstree Academic Publishing.

Synthetic Consciousness