Comments from readers of the Blueprint

Here are some comments from readers of  The Meca Sapiens Blueprint

This book is more detailed and better than “How To Create A Mind” by Ray Kurzweil.

Kirk Fraser


You have dared to tackle the biggest challenge in computer science. Other researchers tend to focus on more specialist areas of AI like speech recognition and better search engine results.

Mark Porritt


The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is unique in current AI literature in that it provides a grounded implementation plan for machine consciousness. Following from and providing much richer detail than his previous book, The Creation of Conscious Machines, Tardy cuts through all the useless speculation with clear, concise definitions and methods to produce a self-aware machine.

You may not like his definitions or his plans (although I did) but they are, at the very least, a solid foundation (or debate position) in a field where far too many are promoting pure nonsense.

Mark Waser


I am impressed, still not finished. It brings a new view. Like the book is huge in dimensions so is the concept. But I keep going and looking forward to work on it.

Roger Seeberger


I have personally gained a lot from reading the Blueprint, and I am very impressed by the depth of thought and work that has gone into it. I have learned a great deal, and been surprised about the nature of what I have learned.

John Freestone


I have not finished reading yet, but I can say this: I love the insights into human consciousness and I cannot wait to get to the other cover. As a developer: the technical document writing style suits me.

Menne Kamminga


I am in my second reading of the Blueprint and all I can say is that I am blown away with the concepts and ideas within the book. Mr. Tardy has done fantastic work into bringing obscure thoughts of how consciousness operates into a concrete step by step blueprint on how to achieve a conscious machine with proven methods of software development.

Isam Elbousserghini


The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is truly an amazing work. It combines concepts from many disciplines, developmental psychology, computer science, philosophy, and even science fiction into a cohesive approach to the development of a synthetic being, a topic which has always fascinated me. I completed an initial read, which at first seemed daunting because of the volume and diversity of topics, and am now going back for a review to refine my understanding of the subject matter.

Thank you, Jean Tardy, for this inspirational intellectual challenge.

Gregory Annen


The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is a comprehensive outline to get us to self-aware machines. Mr. Tardy has an understanding of where AI has been and where it needs to go. I am excited to see how this approach will bring self-aware machines into a reality.

Matt Droter

2 thoughts on “Comments from readers of the Blueprint”

  1. “The Meca Sapiens Blueprint” is impressive work. A mans attempt to put down a lifes time of knowledge about human consciousness and beyond into a book format. Something I complete sympathize with.

    We probably need to go back centuries to find a time when
    people (scholars) actually did stuff like that. And that is a shame – as it is the big volumes that sets things in perspective and gives us a world view.
    Way too often things are just very fragmented – and experts are experts in such tiny niches – that the expertise nearly becomes irrelavant by definition. So, we need the big attemtps!

    Tardy’s reflections on why his work might not be widely accepted in a technological sceptical world is also entirely correct. Transistions are difficult, and even though people are eager to see themselves as being at the forefront of our culture – a lot are so sceptical that their negativity assures them (and us) that they will not actually participate in the technological revolutions in the years ahead.
    On the other hand we find engineers that are hardly reflect upon what they are doing – so a midlle ground is clearly needed.

    And Tardy should surely be praised for the effort. Where I think others will follow – in giving a somewhat precise description of the landscape – and the opportunities ahead – without having too many all too obvious political agendas. The thorough description, yet short and precise also, is what we need at this stage. It is the efforts that counts here. All of the details might turn out to be completely wrong in the end — doesn’t matter. Show us that you lived, and that you thought … that you were human. A member of homo sapiens. We have had enough of the mindnumbing dumbness, Now lets try some exploration, and some big ideas. With the risk of failing big, at least with should also try, according to our own capabilities and intellect. And that is what this effort tells us.

    So, I see the book as a project in this direction …? Tardy might not entirely agree with this interpretation, but I guess that is what happens when a book leaves the authors offices and goes out into the world. It will then be interpreted by other voices.

    I think Tardy’s book will serve as inspiration for many others to try to make heads and tails, meaning, of the information we have about what it means to be human, and what coming robots will change us into. Here in the coming years.
    Other people might end up making other books with even harder hooks to our current understanding of the world and ourselves, followed by projections of where we are going next. And it is all good. It is important stuff.
    Actually, we have been at it for millenia – at whatever form and format that age could use.
    People want to understand, and cathegorize the world and their own place in it.
    All efforts try just a little bit more, and we might eventually
    come a little close to what the truth might be.

    That is what it is all about.

  2. Tardy does the excellent and difficult work of providing a comprehensive specification for the Meca Sapiens project. While not all are likely to agree with his view of consciousness, let’s get beyond the definitional bickering and get the Meca Sapiens started. What will be gained in the process is an assessment of Tardy’s algorithms and experimental approaches that offer potential insights into how we go about studying and making advanced, intelligent systems. This is serious AI work that we should take seriously in AI.

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