Superintelligence – A realistic scenario

Here are two videos about Superintelligence. In the first video,  I summarize six common beliefs about superintelligence and indicate why none of them are valid. In the second video I outline the architecture of a planetary superintelligence and describe how it could arise, sooner than most think, and have serious planetary consequences.

Superintelligence is a popular topic. Many thoughtful individuals are speaking out about the possible danger of a very advanced form of Artificial Intelligence. However, none of them describes what the components and internal mechanisms of a Super-AI could be. Without reference to a specific architecture, opinions can become arbitrary and reflect primal perceptions rather than objective analysis.

In these videos I examine the issue of superintelligence from the perspective of a concrete and feasible planetary system whose construction has already begun.

Together, these two videos will give you a better insight on what a superintelligence could be, how it could arise sooner than most think and why it would have serious planetary consequences.

1 – Six misconceptions

In this first video I summarize the opinions currently expressed about superintelligence into six consensual positions and indicate why five of these are completely incorrect and the sixth is misunderstood. Left unchallenged, these positions can become misleading truisms.

2 – the JET-AI, a planetary Architecture

In this second video I outline the architecture of a planetary superintelligence, its construction, components and internal mechanisms. What I describe is not a remote project that may take place in the future, it is a global entity  being assembled right now that can, if left unchecked, morph into an out of control automaton.

NOTE: A full transcript of both videos is in the works and will soon be available.

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