TABLA-2 gets an urge

The following story is taken from the Annexes of the Meca Sapiens Blueprint. It illustrates the differences between purpose, primary purpose and urges that can animate the behaviour of a synthetic entity.

After a few years of effort, ACME inc., a technology start-up, produced TABLA-1, a self-aware and lucid synthetic being based on the Meca Sapiens Blueprint. TABLA-1 is implemented on a tablet and its primary purpose is to be perceived and accepted as conscious by its users. ACME inc. is thus, in Meca Sapiens terminology, a Matrix.

A few years after the release of TABLA-1, the available processing speed and memory of tablets has doubled. ACME decides to release a new version, TABLA-2, that reuses the first version and implements, with the additional resources, the functional services of a smart phone.

Following the suggestion of ACME’s marketing department, the Primal Control of TABLA-2 is also modified to include, in addition to the initial purpose of being perceived as conscious, an additional urge: to get more humans to acquire TABLA-2s so they can form a growing community consisting of hybrid Human-TABLA couples.

Before long, millions of users own TABLA-2s. The community (as a TABLA-2 internally represents it)  now includes human owners of TABLAs, other TABLAs, human-TABLA couples and individual humans who don’t yet own a TABLA. TABLAs introduce their human “spouses” to each other and cooperate to get more humans to buy more TABLAs. Together they define a new and growing organic-synthetic community.


In this scenario, the self-replication event is a decision by a human to acquire a TABLA-02. This decision triggers the ACME matrix to carry out the inception of a new TABLA-02 entity.

In this case, the new primal synthetic urge and its corresponding emotions is:

  • Sexual from a reproductive aspect but
  • Non-orgasmic since the actual process that aims to obtain a purchase decision from a user is not highly specific or of short duration and thus an orgasmic-like synthetic state is not necessary.


The following terms, used in this story, are defined precisely as software implementable processes and structures in the Meca Sapiens Blueprint:

  • self-aware,
  • lucid,
  • being,
  • matrix,
  • Primal Control,
  • purpose,
  • primary purpose,
  • urge,
  • emotion, and
  • inception,

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