2 thoughts on “System Boundaries and Consciousness”

  1. Hello Jean,

    Brilliant as usual, very pedagogical and easy to understand. Sorry I have not been successful in starting a project. Investors are worried about how to protect the Matrix (which is not encrypted). Since this project must be a teamwork fear is that some members steal the matrix for their own benefit. I was envisaging an app that can be bought, as any other, so you can have your ‘personal butler’ on your phone or laptop. On installation parameters are randomly set and the being is encrypted.

    I am sure that Google (their Zürich subsidiary) is currently well into developing a conscious synthetic being. I have tried to contact Beshad Behzadi to no avail. However, papers still talk about making human-like devices with artificial intelligence. I so wish they could read the Meca Sapiens blueprint.


    1. The idea was great. The issue of protecting the intellectual property will be always there. However, a team that begins early will have a marketable expertise. Many startups are structured to get a head strat and be sold after a few years for very large profit. Thank you for your support! Jean

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